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Our Does

Painted Feather CC Talia

Talia side picture. Cou clair with gopher ears

MDGA registered F5

Cou Clair with blue eyes and gopher ears

Born 10/20/2022

PF9 P52

46.93% LaMancha/53.07% Nigerian

Udder picture is with twins nursing after 10 hour overnight separation

On 6/8/2024, I took a sample for milk test and collected 6.8 pounds for the day (2x milking). (about 3/4 of a gallon)

Enchanted Hill FG Iris Cream Pie

Baby picture of doeling, Iris Cream Pie, among some tree roots

MDGA registered F3

Sundgau with small white spots

Brown eyes and gopher ears

Born 4/2023

7EH R15

50% Lamancha/ 50% Nigerian

Iris Feb 2024.jpg

Iris at 8 mo. old

Dam: Enchanted Hill TI Whoopie Pie

Sire: Enchanted Hill BF Forrest Gnome


not for sale

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